“In the Beginning…”

…there was FaceBook. I began writing short movie reviews based solely upon my ‘knee jerk’ reaction (get it? : ) to them on my first viewing…or a viewing after a slew of years had passed since the last time a flick’s images had danced over my eyeballs.

What began as a ‘throw-away’ exercise in ‘economic’ writing and ‘touch type’ practice blossomed into something that I actually made a point to do, as it spurned me on to find new (or new for me) movies to scope out, to give them amusing and honest grades.

Then…people actually started telling me that they had been reading them. Once I picked myself up off the floor and shook the shock away, I felt the need to continue…my legions of fans demanded it!!!

Yeah…all 3 or 4 of them!

But still…readership.  

So…fast forward to NOW.

My first blog.

The way I see it, I’m going to keep spewing these things out…why not see if I can hit a few extra folks along the way. There’s no hidden agenda. Like everyone, I have an opinion on every movie I see…for better or for worse.

And every INFORMED opinion is valid.

If my opinion meshes or clashes with your own, tell me.

I’m curious.


Just don’t be a dick about it.

SO…to cinephiles, geeks, The Curious or those people who stumbled onto this site by accident…I hope you enjoy reading my cheezy lil movie reviews, along with my growing collection of short fiction as much as I like writing them. Peace.”

“Oh, and one last thing – I also write fiction, as a hobby, and have done so for years, going back to my teens. Short stories, scripts and hopefully one day, a novella. I began diving into writing my own stories when the cinematic images and scenes my overactive imagination kept throwing at me overwhelmed my resources to realize them. I may not have been able to make the movie I saw in mind…but nothing was stopping me from scribbling!

So, for shits and giggles (and copyright reasons), here also lie my completed stories to date! I hope those of you who give them a shot get a kick out of them. Enjoy!

LR Forgues (April 9, 2012)

PS-Top 10 Favorite Films: Aliens, True Romance, Fight Club, Watchmen, Akira, Enemy of the State, Se7en, The Last Minute, Blade Runner, Raiders of the Lost Ark

Top 10 Runner Ups– Alien, Sin City, Horrible Bosses, Very Bad Things, The Last Boy Scout, Die Hard, Panic Room, Black Hawk Down, Saving Private Ryan, The Thing (1982)

Notable Mention– Welcome to Sarajevo, The Adventures of Baron Munchausen, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, Predator 2, The Abyss, Avatar, The Game, A Nightmare on Elm St. (1984), Dawn of the Dead (2004), Sucker Punch, Falling Down, Bad Boys, Die Hard 2, The Fall,  Empire of the Sun, Flatliners…and a friggin ton of others! YOU get the point. Just sayin.

Short Films: The following links will take you to a pair of short films that I created with a select group of amigos. They are very much of the ‘All heart…no budget’ variety. Enjoy!!!

Bright Son pt-1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HXz3ehlqgos

Bright Son pt-2:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0VIKMvjHQHw

Exit: A Short Film pt-1:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=49RRkrlTqBI

Exit: A Short Film pt-2:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lxiXsysqP94&feature=relmfu


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