Grave of the Fireflies (1988)

Back in the 90’s, after years of being a comic book nerd, I finally came to embrace the wide, often freaky, world of Asian anime through The Film that indoctrinated many of us little North American geeks – Akira (1988). To this day, it’s still one of the finest of its kind. It’s one that, […]


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M3GAN – Unrated (2022)

One genre that I’ve always found easily digestible is the ‘inanimate object-takes-on-murderous-human traits due to possession / curse / data corruption etc’ flick, going back to a little-remembered horror from 1987 called Dolls that scared the shit outta 13-year old me back in the day. That one stuck with me (not a great movie, but […]

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Nope (2022)

Well, I’d say that’s a solid ‘3 for 3’ for writer / director / producer Jordan Peele, with the comedian-turned-filmmaker having now gifted us with his impressive 2017 feature film debut Get Out, joined two years later by a solid follow-up with 2019’s Us. I found both of those to be surprisingly effective thrillers that […]

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Ambulance (2022)

I’ve said it before and I’ll undoubtedly say it again…I have a Love / Hate relationship with the films of Michael Bay. Going back to his high-concept debut with 1995’s surprisingly entertaining Bad Boys, I initially fell in love with his clearly Tony Scott (Top Gun) inspired, hyper-kinetic style. He continued to hone that visual […]

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Bad Times at the El Royale (2018)

I remember being intrigued by this title when it first released in 2018, largely due to the fact that I do appreciate a solid, self-contained mid-budget thriller / action flick, especially those boasting solid casts. Right off the top of my shaved noggin, entries such as The Usual Suspects (1995), Identity (2003), Smokin Aces (2006), […]

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I Saw the Devil (2010)

It’s been a while since I dove into a good foreign film and this one has long sat on my Must See list, going back to my days as a film revisor (damn, I STILL miss that job) and having seen a couple 35mm prints of this South Korean serial killer / revenge flick come […]

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Avatar – The Way of Water (2022)

I’ve said it before…and I’ll undoubtedly say it again – I love James Cameron. The man is a triumphant Canadian export that us crazy Canucks should truly be proud of. He wrote and directed what has long been considered My Favorite Film Ever – Aliens, which would be his masterful 1986 sequel to Ridley Scott’s […]

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Uncharted (2022)

I’m not a video game guy…never have been. I’m sure it’s got something to do with my hippy wannabe parents severely limiting the screen time my sister and I were exposed to as kids, and that includes gaming consoles of any / every kind. I always had to go to friends houses to try out […]

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Morbius (2022)

It’s definitely NOT Morbin’ time. This flick never once leapt out at me as being something I NEEDED to see. I’d heard about it going back to the initial ‘greenlight’ announcement, but not being familiar with the source material (it’s an older Marvel publication), I felt not much more than (very) mild curiosity and a […]

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Wake in Fright (1971)

A Primus album title leaps to mind when I ponder this flick: They Can’t All Be Zingers And that is for damn sure, where Wake in Fright is concerned. In the last while, I’ve had a number of ‘Ozploitation’ flicks in mind to check out, as movies from Australia are often of a very watchable […]

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