Fair Game (1986)

‘Ozploitation’ This lazy word is the unofficial name for a certain sub-genre of movies that emerged from Down Under during a renaissance of grindhouse-style ‘exploitation’ films that ran from the 1970’s, right through till the end of the 80’s (and beyond, it can be argued). Now, for the average movie-goer, the two most well-known entries […]

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The Day After (1983)

A subject that I find morbidly fascinating is the concept of nuclear annihilation (I’m a blast at parties, I swear). In one form or another, it’s something that’s quietly lurked in the background of pretty much my entire life, in some cases simply on the merit of the existence of the fucking atom bomb (or […]

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Prey (2022)

Going back to my movie obsessed childhood in the ‘80’s, the Predator franchise has played a significant role in my enthusiastic embrace of pop culture. I still distinctly remember scouring an issue of Fangoria magazine (remember that one?) at 10 years old and coming across an article about the make-up effects that the first film […]

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Bullet Train (2022)

So…every year I try to either book the actual day of my birthday off work, or the day before, as a little treat for myself. Well, I booked today (Friday) off weeks ago since tomorrow is…well…you know. Despite the undeniable realty that, if I’m lucky, I’m now officially at the mid-point in a healthy human’s […]

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Top Gun: Maverick (2022)

So, after two full years of avoiding movie theatres (thanks, COVID!), I said Fuck It…now is the time. And this…this is the movie getting me back into the pilot’s seat. I have a long history with the original Top Gun, which I recounted back in 2012 when I wrote my ‘In Memory of Tony Scott’ […]

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The Batman (2022)

Ok, Full Disclosure Time – I had to watch this newest cinematic iteration of Bob Kane and Bill Finger’s now classic comic book hero twice in order to get enough of a handle on how I felt about it that these scribbles would happen. And that’s kinda weird. The ENTIRE POINT of this blog is […]

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Moonfall (2022)

Oh, Roland Emmerich…what have you done?! When it comes to the films of this German disaster movie maestro, generally you know what you’re going to get, for better or worse. The man basically reinvigorated the alien invasion / disaster movie genre back in 1996 with the massive summer blockbuster Independence Day (after having previously found […]

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Nightmare Alley (2021)

Cronos (1993) Mimic (1997) The Devil’s Backbone (2001) Blade 2 (2002) Hellboy (2004) Pan’s Labyrinth (2006) Hellboy 2: The Golden Army (2008) Pacific Rim (2013) Crimson Peak (2015) The Shape of Water (2017) What do these titles all have in common, aside from all ranging from Good to Great on the Quality Scale? They were […]

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The Last Duel (2021)

I feel for Ridley Scott. I really do. Of late, the rightfully revered director (and one of my personal favorites) has been unfairly lambasted for the last decade for many of his recent directorial efforts. Now I’m not saying that some of the criticism hasn’t been warranted, as in some cases, it most certainly has […]

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No Time to Die (2021)

“Bond. James Bond.” These immortal words have played a part in my life going back to early childhood and all those sleepovers at my great aunt’s house in the mid 80’s, where she had a good number of the Connery / Moore flicks on VHS that I would always get to check out whenever my […]

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