Train to Busan (2016)

Zombies…ya gotta love em! Going back to 1968, when George Romero unleashed a new and lasting breed of the undead upon the movie-going masses with the classic Night of the Living Dead, entertainment cultures around the world have readily embraced the nightmare scenario of the reanimated corpses walking and stalking among us, often to Big […]

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Underwater (2020)

I’m a sucker for flicks that take place in hostile environments, where the characters must fight to survive, often against some ‘terror from beyond’. For some reason, considering that I have a wussy fear of deep water (if I can’t see the bottom, peace out!), the science fiction / horror stories taking place beneath the […]

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Ad Astra (2019)

I was genuinely curious about this one when it hit cinemas last fall, but my enthusiasm wasn’t as such to compel me to make the trip to the theatre at the time. Having just caught up with it, thanks to Crave, I can honestly say that I’m seriously kicking myself in the ass for not […]

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Color Out of Space (2019)

I was first introduced to South African writer / director Richard Stanley’s work back in the early 90’s, when I came across his first feature length film on VHS, 1990’s sci fi / horror flick Hardware. Previous to that, he’d been cutting his teeth on risky documentaries and edgy music videos. Hardware made quite the […]

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The Invisible Man (2020)

Up until recently, I’ve always thought of writer / director Leigh Whannell with regards to his connection to famed director James Wan (Aquaman), as the two of them emerged out of Australia was a writing / directing duo with the (at the time) ground-breaking Saw (2004). From that point on, the two of them became […]

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A Dream on Repeat

By LR Forgues *Found in old ‘ideas’ notebook. Date written – unknown.   Through that strange fog of sleep, a picture emerges…slowly. It becomes apparent that I am no longer…here. I am in a…different place; a place that I find intensely familiar, yet I know that I’ve never been.  I see the same thing every […]

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