Bad Teacher

I got pretty much what I expected with this one…what I expected being a funny, slickly-written, HIGHLY un-PC yarn revolving around Cameron Diaz’ venomous but hilariously damaged ditz character…which seems eerily tailor-made for her. She’s backed up by an enthusiastic and amusing cast (kids and adults) who have a nice crop of awesome, well-paced moments of ‘awk…ward’. A lot of the nasty jokes were in the ‘double meaning’ vein and a slew of them were clever and well-executed. Justin Timberlake proved again that he’s fast approaching ‘All Round Entertainer Guy’ status with self-deprecating roles like his dorky Substitute Teacher character; a character that nearly (and tragically) epitomizes the word ‘Dweeb'(‘dry hump’ scene?). If I had to dig up a complaint, I’d have to say that the ongoing degree to which Diaz’s character is a conniving, sneaky bitch did catch me asking “Should I be rooting for her?” after a while. In fact, most of the characters have their ‘not so shining’ and annoying traits but they’re largely played for laughs…successfully. There just isn’t a ‘hero/heroine’ to really ‘push’ for. And for what this one is…that’s just fine. Overall, this flick is funny on a near-consistent basis…at least it was for THIS guy. Odds are…if you got a kick outta Horrible Bosses…this one will work for you just fine. They share a flavor.


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