Krush Groove

Bwahahahaa!!! This bizarre mishmash of rap drama/comedy/fantasy from 1985 is ‘laugh out loud’ingly bad. A complete bi-product of rap’s commercial ‘blossoming’ of the mid-80s that takes it’s inspiration from the tedious creation of DefJam Records and cheeses it up to 11. The cast consists largely of RunDMC, The Fat Boys, Sheila E and Kurtis Blow with a slew of cameos from groups like The Beastie Boys, LL Cool J, and a horrible, HORRIBLE New Edition. This flick has no idea what it’s trying to be and it shows. Oh, gawd how it shows! This piece of nostalgic crap is absolutely perfect for a good heckling session. It practically begs for it. Check this out for the pop-culture historical value (haha!)…and to laugh your ass off. Try not to step in the cheese. March 13 at 5:43pm


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