A Very Harold and Kumar 3D Christmas (2011)

This movie is TERRIBLE…ly ridiculous, stupid, and hilarious. I hit PLAY wanting to hate this flick, as I wanted with the previous two. But I didn’t. Like those that came before, I laughed frequently…and out loud! The story picks up years after the last film with the fellas having gone their seperate ways in life. Kumar is a stoned dumbass (go figure) while Harold is an overly domesticated suburbanite yuppie. They’re forced back together when circumstances involving Harold’s hard-to-please Latino father-in-law, played amusingly by the scary Danny Trejo (Machete), a prized family christmas tree and a torpedo-sized joint detrimentally arise. Chaos and COMPLETELY un-PC humor ensues. If laughs can be milked out of ‘tripping’ babies, tongue-in-cheek racism, shotgun blasts to the head, and thrown feces, this movie tries. And usually succeeds…at least for the fool writing this. The ever awesome Neil Patrick Harris pops up again and slays it with a gut-bustingly funny version of his gay/straight self. (Could he be the gay Chuck Norris?) Now, the version that I saw wasn’t in 3D…but I sure got the point from the myriad of highly self-aware and over-cooked effects and references (“Avatar-ded”?). If you got a guilty (or not-so-guilty) kick out of the first two ‘Harold and Kumar’ flicks, then this one should definitely work for you. And it’ll probably work even better if you smoke a ‘fattie’ ahead of time…I hear.


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