Small Tales: A ‘Just Cuz’ Project



“All it took was one quiet phone call from my undercover LAPD informant…one name drop, one location…and I was on the case. I’d been looking for this particular low-life for months. Now…it was MY turn!”– Stunt Pilot / Crime Fighter Cliff Secord.

Our intrepid hero, Cliff Secord, otherwise known as The Amazing Rocketeer, arrives at the scene of the latest disturbance – ready, willing, and able to dole out some sweet, painful Justice!

There! From above…that low hissing cackle. He’s up there…somewhere.

Going up!

Right on target!

My trusty side-kick…

…comes out to play.


“Where are ya, you scaly son-of-a-bitch?!”


A low hiss…pure threat…


…from above!


Time crashes to a halt as the two sworn enemies catch sight of one another. 


With a fierce, gurgling bellow, The Lizard challenges!


Secord accepts!


The Lizard is quick!…Cliff can’t line up his shots!! Hot lead whines and snaps off the nearby pipes, sending sparks flying!


Damn! The Lizard has landed!


A mighty roar!!

A fast lunge!


A vise-like grip!

Murder in those reptilian eyes!

“Damn! My Mauser!!”

When in doubt…

…punch it out! Cliff’s not sure…but he may have just broke a knuckle or two with this lil hay-maker.

Down…but not out!

Cliff launches toward his fallen weapon!

Re-armed and dangerous!

Pure rage in the monster’s blood-curdling scream!

“Eat lead, you green bastard!”

Make ’em count, Cliff!!

The Lizard goes down!

The Lizard’s splayed legs thump to the deck, limp…all falls still. Cliff can smell spent gunpowder in the air, while empty shell casings roll lightly around his booted feet.

Must. Confirm. The. Kill.

The Lizard…motionless. A sitting duck.

Time to end this!

The Lizard’s demonic eyes flash open. With a vicious snarl…he attacks again!

A hard kick!

Cliff goes down!

With surprising grace, The Lizard quickly spins to his clawed feet!…ready to kill!!


Could THIS be the end of our intrepid adventurer?!

Not this time, chum!


The other rounds just pissed him off. This one…straight to the roof of that gaping maw! Now that’s a show stopper! 

Gravity does the rest. Despite the 9mm round in that misshapen coconut of his, he howls the whole way down.

The Rocketeer hears him hit below. It sounds…permanent.

Despite the aches and pains…Cliff stumbles to the edge.

No movement. The body is still.

Cliff knows he should feel good…The Lizard is defeated! But, once upon a time, that monster was a man; a brilliant and compassionate scientist who’s own experiments were used against him; turning him into the murderous creature who now lies crumpled far below. The nightmare may be over…but so is that man’s life.

Cliff shakes the sentimentality off. The fight for Justice can’t afford it! Now, he must go help Lamont Cranston fight a group of doomsday machine – wielding thugs at the docks…again. That’s two, The Shadow owes him!

“I’m outta here!”

One chapter ends…another begins.



*This lil endeavor was mostly just a ‘shits n giggles’, proof-of-concept kinda thing, for my own juvenile amusement. I recently scored that Rocketeer action figure (they’re not dolls, ya jerks!), who became my main character in this first episode because A) I love the character, and B) I was impressed with the shots I could set up due to his various ‘action-figure’ poses. I’ve always wanted to direct and craft cinematic stories, but the reality of the ole ‘9-5’ has kept me from pursuing that dream. But that doesn’t mean the ideas don’t keep on coming, so I’m always looking for inexpensive ways to give vent to my creative musings, which mostly restricts me to just writing, these days. But I’ve always had the idea in mind to stage various self-contained scenes as a series of cinematic ‘still’ photos, along with a simple, written narrative. Basically, a comic-book format, just done with action figures and miniature, improvised sets. So THIS one was the proof to myself that I could craft a little story with the meager resources at my disposal…and now I want to do more! This was a blast to piece together!…despite the humbling realization that I’m a 40 year old man who’s regressed back to the point of playing with dolls…er…action figures, again! That being said, I envision a dedicated Page on this blog for the various violence and atmosphere-filled scenes I want to stage for anyone who cares to check em out. So, to those of you who do…ENJOY!!* -LR Forgues


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