House of the Devil

Nice! I love finding gems!. I stumbled across this ‘micro-budget’ horror film from 2009, almost by accident, and I’m glad that I did. Taking inspiration from the myth of the malicious Satanic cult stories of the late 70s/early 80s, the story focuses on a financially hard-pressed female college student who takes on a seemingly benign babysitter job on the night of a monumental eclipse, only to end up getting WAY more than she bargained(or got paid) for. The tone of this film is a nice ‘shoutout’ to the horror movies of the 1970s, right down to the credit style and very ‘The Shining’ish soundtrack. The actors are a bunch of ‘nobody’s but that does works in its favor. If anyone needs a quick lesson on how to build tension on film, this one is certainly on the right track. The lead character is quite good and effectively conveys a decent range of emotions, while looking damn sexy in a classic Charlie’s Angels kinda way. One thing that could be seen as sloppy but actually works in the flicks favor is that not every little scary detail is explained. Creepy shit happens but you’re not ‘led by the hand’ as to what may be the cause. Perfectly fine with me as I found it lent nicely to the Creep Factor. The story is really no big breakthrough but there are ALOT worse films out there in the horror genre. Just sayin.

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