This mystery/thriller stars Liam Neeson as a doctor visiting Berlin with his wife for a science symposium, who survives a freak car accident to wake up to find that no one seems to know who he is. Parts of this flick reminded me alot of Harrison Fords 1988 film Frantic while others felt torn from movies like Total Recall and Enemy of the State. I wanted to like this one better than I actually did, as I found that the sheer volume of coincidence-based plot events and highly convenient moments of memory recall pushed it beyond the realm of ‘believable’. And I didn’t ‘buy’, for a second, that Liam Neeson’s character would’ve endured as much supposed trauma in the accident as they would have the audience believe. As usual, he maintains an appropriate balance between vulnerable victim and bad ass avenger but the rest of the familiar cast could have been played by anyone. And, given certain revelations, I felt that the movie didn’t know how to end properly…at least not in a way that satisfied me, especially where a certain main character was concerned; given what the viewer learns along the course of the story. If you decide to check this one out, don’t expect too much. You’ll enjoy it more that way. Or just go watch ‘Taken’ or ‘The Grey’, two far better Neeson films.


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