Sleeping Beauty

This strange little Australian tale from 2011 features Emily Browning (Sucker Punch) as Lucy, a morally flexible waitress/student who ends up moonlighting as a very unique escort. Willingly drugged, she sleeps through the physical whims of a series of rich old men, all varied in their issues and depravities. This film is full of almost unnervingly brave performances while the camera takes on the voyeuristic nature of the material, consisting of a slew of very impressive looong takes that just watch the events unfold. Another element that worked was the near absence of manipulative musical score. It gave a certain immediacy. A tough call on this is just how much we’re supposed to root for the cold and clinical (at times literally) main character who’s reasons or motivations are never fully revealed. And speaking of ‘revealed’, anyone who wanted to know what Baby Doll (Sucker Punch) looked like under that school-girl outfit…this is the movie for you! The girl shows it ALL!! But then again, so do a good number of old, fat guys. ALL. As for a recommendation…not sure. This one left me feeling kind of…empty. But anyone who can appreciate some seriously dedicated, if creepy performances and an effectively patient pacing may get…something. March 22 at 8:44pm


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