Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

I hadn’t seen this one in about 20 or so years and I hit ‘Play’ with a certain amount of apprehension, fully expecting age and nostalgia to be unkind. You know what?…it held up pretty damn well actually. What was fun was to now pick up on certain jokes that flew right over my immature 13 year old head at the time. I can also see where the director wanted to go darker in places (like the original comics) but had to insure a ‘recoup’ on one of the priciest ‘independent’ genre film budgets up to that point…hence some of the more ‘kiddie’ moments sprinkled throughout. It ended up being the highest grossing ‘independent’ ever, at the time. But this flick was fun to revisit. Some of the music used is hilariously dated (MC Hammer, yo!) and a few jokes are wince-worthy. But overall it’s admittedly a pretty well crafted piece of product marketing, filmed well with some fun action scenes and characters that were quite true to the comics. For one of those ‘checking out childhood favorites’ moments, odds are it won’t let you down.
*DISCLAIMER*-I was a huge comic nerd as a kid (like ya couldn’t have guessed!) and The Turtles were in my Top 5 faves…so that may have ‘colored’ this review a lil. But I still stand by it, damn it!!! Turtle Power!!! March 22 at 10:11pm


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