This retelling/hybrid Little Red Riding Hood-werewolf movie from 1984 is a good example of ‘style over substance’. The story is too fragmented for its own good and has some high-school level acting tossed in the mix. On the plus side, it boasts a very detailed Gothic style and atmosphere that Tim Burton would be right at home with, as well as a very fitting, ‘classical’ musical score. Some of the make-up effects are well done, but others are a bit too obvious. The surreal ending is overly artsy and ambiguous for my tastes. It looks great, but really tells me nothing. It’s really easy on the eyes but not so kind to the brain. Some tighter, more concise story-telling coupled with the creepy visual trappings (and a couple of different actors) would’ve made a very good, atmospheric horror film. I’d recommend for fans of the genre or for peeps who like style laid on thick.