The Divide

This IS the ‘Feel Good Movie of the Year’! This intense, nihilistic and ugly film from 2011 focuses on a group of survivors who escape the outbreak of WW3 by retreating into the basement of their apartment building as the nukes fall. Once there, it’s a steady decline as they start to lose grip on both their sanity and their humanity. Some really nasty shit goes down among the varying characters in this one. As grim as this film is, I have to say that it’s quite well done for what it is and the solid acting really punches home the idea of just how horrible humans can be to one another when the chips are down. And it’s probably closer to what would really happen in a situation like this than a lot of Hollywood, ‘after the bomb’ flicks out there. After seeing this one, I’m not sure that I wouldn’t rather be blasted to a Me-shaped cloud of ash in the initial ‘BOOM!’ of a Third World War. If you can handle a bleak, unsettling and well-crafted thriller that’ll leave you feeling drained by the last image…then this may be the one for you.

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