The Monster Squad

So after 1990’s TMNT, I felt brave enough to try another childhood fave, this time from ’87. And…2 for 2!!! This flick is still a hoot! It’s surprisingly well done with some cool ‘slants’ style-wise on the classic Universal monster styles and a noticeable mean streak, which I appreciated. Another reason that I dug this, then and now, is that the kids come off like real kids. They’re lying, thieving smart asses who know how to swear really well…just like a huge percentage of us, at 10-14 years old. And Rudy, the slick 50’s greaser tough-guy ‘older’ kid deserves a movie of his own. A strangely cool character that coulda been cheesed right up…even more than it was. One thing I noticed was the chemistry between virtually all the characters worked, the actors really seemed to know each other, and that goes a long way in a movie like this. And ya gotta loves those days when gay slurs and fat people jokes were the rage. Such an innocent time. I haven’t even mentioned the rad 80’s montage sequence! If you want to revisit a surprisingly nasty, entertaining and well-constructed ‘kids’ movie from your childhood that feels like Spielberg’s name oughta be in the credits somewhere (it’s not)…then find this one. It was cool to see again. “Wolfman’s got nards!!!” March 23 at 8:54pm


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