The Quiet Earth

This strange little sci-fi film from New Zealand circa 1985 is an interesting one. It follows a scientist who wakes up one morning to discover that the population of the planet has disappeared, in all probability, as a result of an upper-atmosphere military experiment that he was a part of. As he deals with first the novelty of the situation, then the threat of insanity, he meets up with 2 other ‘survivors’. The dynamic of the three characters interactions isn’t very well conceived but as individuals, they work. It’s not the fastest moving film out there and a few of the ‘Event’ effects are hokey but there are some really nice ‘deserted city’ shots and some fun moments dealing with having an entire city to play in with no consequences. And the final image in the film, with Saturn slowly rising over the ocean among alien cloud formations is quite striking. March 23 at 5:19pm


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