Tomorrow When the War Began

If a remake of ‘Red Dawn’ HAS to be made, this 2010 Aussie action flick is definitely on the right track. Where the American movie of ’84 was the definition of Cold War pessimism and paranoia, this slick ‘retelling’ smells like popcorn, in the best way. The characters, played by a dedicated group of Australian ‘unknowns’, are mostly mild stereotypes done well. One element that I appreciated was, no matter how ‘guerrilla’ they get, they still remain teenagers. I also liked that, while the enemy is decidedly Asian, no particular country is tagged as The Villain. This flick has no political agenda…the only agenda is to deliver a well-edited and thought-out adventure with some cool set pieces that, with some small tweaks, could hold it’s own in a summer action movie line-up. My one MAJOR beef is that it feels like a movie in 2 acts. The perceived lead up is engrossing enough that the VERY open ending is a bit of a jarring let-down. But overall, damn fine effort here. For fans of ‘good’ action films, this one is pretty much a sure bet. A sequel or a trilogy to this one would be sweet.

PS-Just looked it up and apparently this is the first of 7 in a book series. The plan was to film 2 and 3 back to back this year but since the 20 000 000 (AUD) film only recouped 13 000 000, that seems to have killed THAT plan. Damn you, Incomplete But Decent Movie Series! DAMN YOU!!! March 18 at 11:32pm

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