Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol

This MAY be the best in the series (I’m partial to #3 too). This one is really well done in nearly every way. The stunt work is amazing, the gadgets are cool and appropriately far-fetched, it’s quite well edited and the scatterings of humor are nicely placed.The writers came up with some slick and fairly original action set pieces, with a blind high-speed car chase through a sandstorm after acrobatics off the side of the world’s most stupidly high building standing out. The one main complaint I have is the same one I have for all the M:I movies. Ethan isn’t really a guy…he’s Secret Agent Man. That’s about it. There is a nice tie-in to the last film that does ‘humanize’ him more but he’s still a bit of a blank. And a nutty as he maybe in real life, props to Mr. Cruise for continuing to take on some pretty ballsy stunt-work in the name of a more exciting movie. It works…as do a couple of cool and very fitting cameos. A very entertaining piece of action escapism.
*This is director Brad Bird’s first live-action film after working for Pixar for years, actually having directed my all-time favorite animated film The Incredibles. The man is no slouch behind the camera…as this flick proves. March 19 at 9:58pm


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