Apollo 18

As ‘found footage’ movies go, this one is handled FAIRLY well. The ‘actors’ do a credible job, the NASA props and moonscape sets flow seamlessly into the actual archive footage and the location and situation lends perfectly to the genre. On the down side, there was a point where it was hard to overlook the fact that, through ALL the creepy shit and mechanical problems, at least one camera was always rolling..usually held by one of the stricken astronauts. Personally, if the worst was happening to ME on a moon landing mission-gone-wrong, my main concern wouldn’t be “We have to document EVERYTHING!” Another ‘not so cool’ thing was the final ‘reveal’ of the source of their problems. Don’t want to give much away, but a big can of Raid probably would’ve come in handy. Kinda underwhelming. Coming back to the ‘plus’ side, the editing is commendable…both sound and image. The ‘snap, crackle, pop’ of rolling film, jagged cuts and static-laced radio transmissions serve this flick well. There are worse ‘found footage’ films out there but there’s also better. With a few story tweaks this one could’ve been great…instead it’s FAIRLY good.


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