From deep sea terror to outer space horror. This shameless and cheap ‘Alien’ rip-off from 1985 is the epitome of ‘sucks’. They say that imitation is the height of flattery? This one is the height of idiocy. It can’t get anything right or original. Unless you count the space zombies controlled by pieces of what look like bad sea food stuck to their heads. The acting is awful, except for the hot- chick ‘Ripley’ wannabe, who acted with her hotness. Hell, they didn’t even try to disguise their monster design origins( ie THEFT). I just shake my head when I think that actual money (and not much) was put into this piece of shit. Oh, and the amusing plethora of stolen ‘Star Wars’ sound effects is awesome. Doors slide open with the very recognizable sound of a ‘blaster’. Pure gold. March 14 at 8:21pm


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