Galaxy of Terror

At a glance, this B movie from 1981 seems to have all the trappings of another ‘Alien’ clone but in the end, has its own story to tell. Which isn’t to say that the FAR superior ‘Alien’s influence isn’t felt but at least some effort was put in to try and diminish the obviousness (looking at YOU, Creature!). And there are some surprisingly effective and creepy visuals at work here. Of course there’s a slew of hokey ideas (giant,rapist,alien maggot anyone?) but they’re off-set by some decent ones. And it’s interesting to note the obvious aesthetic influence that this flick had on James Cameron when it came time for him to do ‘Aliens’. He was one of the production designers on this, in the beginning of his career. And to any cinephiles curious about that angle?….I’d recommend it. Just remember…I never said it was ‘good’. March 14 at 10:10pm


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