Shock Waves

Underwater. Nazi. Zombies. Can it get any better than THAT?! Actually, in the case of this 1977 ‘horror’ flick…it could. The high concept premise is largely wasted by a flat, climax-less story seemingly inhabited by rejects from Gilligan’s Island. The kills are ALL of the bloodless variety and some of the actions by the ‘characters’ are baffling. In its favor, it does boast some eerie footage of the undead aqua commandos both underwater and rising from the waves while Peter Cushing out performs EVERYONE in his smallish role as an SS Commander-in-exile. And to kill the Nazis, all you have to do is yank their welding goggles off? Really?! Lame. This IS one of those rare occasions where I’d actually like to see this story redone with a budget and a hard ‘R’ rating under the direction of someone capable and with a vision. This one though…take it or leave it. March 14 at 5:16pm


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