Kill List

This bizarre and unnerving flick from the Uk certainly gets points for its style and manner of story-telling. Two former army buddies-turned-hitmen take on a seemingly straightforward ‘job’ that turns around to bite them in ways they didn’t see coming. The acting and dialogue is very natural-sounding (mostly improv’d) and the style is a balanced mix of documentary-style immediacy and Kubrick-like deliberation. And the last quarter seems to come out of nowhere, despite small subtle clues, to throw the proceedings squarely into the ‘surreal’. The violence is at times unexpectedly brutal and graphic and the two main characters, while fleshed out pretty well, are tough to like. The somewhat shocking ending will definitely polarize audiences who brave it. I can’t decide how to rate this one. That’s up to you. March 15 at 3:54pm


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