Battle:Los Angeles

Exactly what I hoped it would be. Every war cliche’ well examined in a gritty and frantic troops-on-the-ground manner. If you’ve ever wanted to see ID4 done correctly…this is currently the closest to that idea. I had a lot of fun watching this and if you’ve ever wanted Black Hawk Down vs E.T., this is […]

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Dreamworks Animation has heard The Word of Pixar. Funny and surprisingly well written with excellent use of the voice talent. Pretty much all-round amusing with a slightly subversive wit. Maintains a nice balance between kids/adult humor. Jokes for everyone! Give it a shot…tis a wee good time. March 12, 2011 at 6:30pm

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Let Me In

Nicely shot/edited vampire love story with a sinister under-current, helped along nicely by some ‘touching’ interaction between the two lead kids. The wintery atmosphere adds an eerie tang. I’m now curious to see the original, foreign version. A cool entry to the vampire genre. March 6, 2011 at 8:16pm

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The Green Hornet

Amusing and fairly competently crafted flick with an uneven tone. Seth Rogen is mostly funny as he bumbles his way into the life of a crime-fighter while Jay Chou is good as Kato(nice lil nod to Bruce Lee, BTW) but terrible at English. Christoph Waltz continues to make wacky, totally watchable villains while Cameron Diaz […]

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Survival of The Dead

Uneven. Impressive visuals and some smart story elements are poorly offset by (too many) cartoonish elements and shockingly bad zombie makeup. Entertaining enough, but no zombie masterpiece. For that see Fulci’s Zombi(2) or Snyder’s Dawn of The Dead. February 25, 2011 at 10:14pm

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Shamelessly over-the-top with a surprisingly relevant social commentary at its core. Some of the kills are downright hilarious in their gory creativity. And the cast is well rounded…even Lohan does what she needs to do, even if it is playing a drugged out rich-girl slut. Big stretch, I know. Pretty much entertaining the whole way […]

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Decent techno thriller with elements of ‘Saw’ adding to the flavour. Good, likeable performances from Diane Lane (hmmm..still hot) and Colin Hanks help the morbid proceedings along nicely. A little more about the killer would have been nice but in the end his motivations were sufficiently explained. A decent lil time-waster. There’s ALOT worse out […]

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The Last Airbender

Ok, the critics pretty much nailed it with this one. This flick sucks. Piss poor acting and laughable dialogue are ‘complimented’ by a poorly explained mythology and clumsy pacing. A few nice visuals and CG do NOT make up for the crappiness. You’d get a better experience out of watching grass grow. Don’t even let […]

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Pirahna 3D

If you get the ‘joke’…this movie is awesome. Blood, boobs and scary fish…and it’s completely unapologetic. A nice tongue-in-cheek throwback to the ‘man-eating marine monster’ movies of the 70’s. And Elizabeth Shue still looks great! Throw in some random porn stars and this is a bunch of gory fun goodness. Look up OVERKILL in the […]

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The first serial killler movie, from Germany ’31. Very interesting piece of film with clever styling and a curious look back on society’s issues with right and wrong, vigilante justice vs the law. Some surprisingly creepy scenes are scattered throughout with the main character portraying ‘bent’ well. And it has an ‘edge’, with him being […]

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